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The Nightmare
Mary Wollstonecraft Mystery, No 2
Nancy Means Wright

Perseverance Press
Sept 2011 /ISBN 978-1564745095
Historical Mystery / England 1792

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Mary Wollstonecraft's first edition of her "Vindication of the Rights of Women" was a spectacular success. Her publisher is awaiting the second part. In the meantime she has become a member of a group of authors and artists who are filled with revolutionary ideas. She becomes infatuated with artist Henry Fuselli, who created the famous erotic masterpiece, The Nightmare. Fuselli thinks his rival, Roger Peale, has stolen his masterpiece, and has Peale imprisoned in Newgate Prison. Peale declares his innocence and refuses to confess. The strangled corpse of Mrs, Frothingham is found posed as the model in The Nightmare. Fuselli is suspected. Mary rushes to his defense and sets out to find the murderer.

This is a fast paced plot set in the circle of famous authors and artists, giving a picture of this group in society with its revolutionary ideas. Mary is an intelligent, proud and strong woman who becomes one of the most outstanding women of her time.

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