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Nine Man’s Murder
Eric Keith

Ransom Note Press
March 2011/ ISBN 0977378772
Mystery / Contemporary Northern California
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

In best classic crime tradition, nine people, all of whom have a connection with each other, are summoned to an isolated vacation house. They are all graduates of the Damien Anderson Detective Training Agency – but where is their host? When he is found dead, the guests also begin to die, one by one. When a snowstorm blows up, they all realize that they are trapped there and that one of them must be the killer…

And then there were none! New author Eric Keith has given an old idea a modern twist with his first novel. Although there are only nine characters, at times it is easy to get them mixed up, as each has a complex and detailed history. A handy dramatis personae at the front is a boon, as are the plans of the house. If you are hoping for a relaxing, lazy read, then this is not it. This is as much a puzzle as a book and will keep you on your toes as you try to solve it. At times reading this novel was perhaps akin to battling through a dense forest, but stick with it as it makes a change from most modern mystery novels, which are often more about the characters’ relationships or the setting than the actual plot. If you complain that the old-fashioned puzzle whodunit is dead, then this might well be the book for you.

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