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No Urn for the Ashes
Alison Sawyer Current

Bayfire Press
June 2008/ ISBN 0981546447

Reviewed by Willie Elliott

When Kevin Levine visits his former research partner, Tennyson Garland, looking for info on a project that could change the world, a struggle ensues. Garland is murdered and his infant daughter is kidnapped and given to a relative of Levine.

The plot centers around what happens to Garland’s daughter,Emmar. Emma’s mother and a group of other women friends start a search for the infant. That search takes them to several places. The pace is a little slow as the author introduces each character and sets up the relationships.

After the reader meets all the characters, the book is a delightful read. The action between these women make for a good read, and this is especially true for Taylor (Emma’s mother) and the woman, Patricia, who raised Emma as her own.

While the action and relationship between Taylor and Patricia is very engaging, the relationship between Taylor and her father is never resolved and it is a situation that cries out for resolution. The book may have been better without the father character.
Overall the book keeps the reader engaged and has the ring to truth to it.

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