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The Perfect Prey
James Stalling and Patty Levine Series
James Andrus

2010 / ISBN 9780786022168

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Swarms of nubile college coeds are descending on Jacksonville, Florida, for spring break looking for a good time. But along with the hot babes is a person they’d do well to avoid. He’s a hot guy who loves flirting but occasionally he takes it a little further. He gives his dates Ecstasy and then kills them. And afterwards he adds the victim’s photo to the ever expanding collection of photos he keeps on his apartment wall.

Detective John Stallings is still in recovery mode from his last high profile investigation and his failed marriage. He’d like a rest but that’s not going to happen with a serial killer preying on the area’s visitors.

Since the psychopath targets blue-eyed blonds, that should narrow the field a little but it isn’t going to be easy for Stallings to stop this killer since he seems to have an agenda he is hell-bent on fulfilling.

The closer he gets the more the homicide detective realizes that this mad man must be stopped and never allowed to kill again. If it means altering the outcome of the case so he can never harm anyone again – so be it!

Fasted paced with a surprising ending, “The Perfect Prey” is a cop novel with the ring of authenticity which comes from someone who has worked in law enforcement.

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Reviewed 2011
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