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Railway To The Grave
The Railway Detective Series – Book VII
Edward Marston

Allison and Busby
April 2011/ ISBN 0749009314
Historical Mystery / 1855 / Yorkshire, England
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

For his household, it looked as though Colonel Aubrey Tarleton was just going to have another ordinary day. Instead, he walked along the railway tracks until a train killed him – why? His wife had been missing for some time and he was anxious about her, then there were the poison pen letters he had received and the opinion of the villagers was that he had murdered her. But where is her body, and what motive would he have? Inspector Robert Colbeck is on the case…

When I first heard that Edward Marston was writing a series about a “railway detective” I didn’t think that the books were going to be my cup of tea. I imagined lots of technical descriptions of old steam trains that would appeal more to enthusiasts but I was of course very wrong, and if this has been putting you off these books then your fears are also unfounded. Instead, read these well-plotted novels that ought to satisfy any mystery reader (this one is particularly difficult to solve) and savor their descriptions of England at a time when railways were new and exciting. For this is what Marston manages to convey admirably in these books, the thrill of the new that had all sorts of people keen to ride on, work for and invest in the miracle of railway travel. As a setting for a series of mysteries it works very well, as criminals also find a new freedom in train travel and detectives can, in the way of Sherlock Holmes, grab a Bradshaw and hurtle off in pursuit. A particularly gripping and teasing entry in an excellent series, radio play style conversations notwithstanding.

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