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Ty Rauck series, No 3
Andrew Gross

Feb 2011 / ISBN 9780061656019

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Ty Rauck, former NYC lieutenant, has moved to the Talon Group, a global security firm as an investigator. When a family in Connecticut is murdered, the police write off the killings as a home invasion. The murdered woman, wife of a chief equity trader, was Rauck's former lover. He becomes suspicious of the killing when a series of break-ins , all with murders of top financial people.

Merrill Simon, former wife of a top financial CEO, becomes suspicious of her present lover, Dan Thibault, and goes to the Talon Group to obtain information about him. Rauck is assigned the case. In his investigations that take him to Europe with Treasury agent, Naomi Blum, he uncovers a conspiracy that targets the US and world financial markets.

This is fast paced and suspenseful with a great plot. There are twists and turns to keep the reader in doubt while Ty and Naomi travel across Europe in search of the truth. It is the story of lies, deceits and terrorism. The main characters are well drawn: Ty is likable, Naomi is intelligent and charming, and Dani a believable villain. There are many details given of the intricacies of banking. Perhaps more than you want or need to know. It is timely considering the world's financial situation, with many financial institutions failing or on the brink of failing. Gross delves into the practices of some of these institutions that may affect the world's financial stability.

Ty Rauck series, No 3

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