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A Red Herring Without Mustard
Flavia de Luce series, No 3
a Allan Bradley

Delacorte Press
February 2011/ ISBN 97803853423322
Historical Mystery - England / 1950

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Flavia's father has been attending a stamp auction in London, but he is also there to sell the family silver. He tells his family ( Flavia and her two sisters) that the family is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Flavia is attending the Fair at Bishop's Lacey. She has a gypsy read her fortune. Shortly thereafter, the gypsy's tent is set on fire. Later, Flavia goes to the gypsy's caravan to check on her well-being and finds the gypsy bludgeoned to death. In searching for the culprit, Flavia finds clues to the disappearance of an infant who disappeared years ago. The gypsy was suspected of abducting the infant and Flavia wonders if this was an act of retribution. But then she learns about a religious group that may have been involved. There are suspicious and dark secrets that must be investigated before the truth is revealed.

Another beautifully written book about the adventures of this young, intrepid English girl whose intelligence, perseverance and irrepressible curiosity will find a place in your heart. The story is well plotted. The atmosphere of the English village is well portrayed with a cast of eccentric characters to further enliven this picture of English country life.

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