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The Reversal
Mickey Haller #3 / Harry Bosch #16
Michael Connelly
Read by Peter Giles

Hachette Audio
October 5, 2010/ ISBN 1607886480
Suspense / Audiobook / Abridged / 5 CDs / appx 6 hrs

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

It takes the retrial of a child killer to bring attorney Mickey Haller and detective Harry Bosch together. Mickey is a defense attorney crossing the aisle as prosecution attorney. He uses half-brother Harry Bosch to investigate and ex-wife Maggie as second chair. The relationships are not perfect, but they work hard to get justice for a young victim. And they hope to expose more about this killer than expected.

Jason Jessup's murder conviction is overturned due to DNA evidence. The victim's late stepfather is Jessup's scapegoat. The mother is deceased and the only eye-witness against Jessup is the victim's sister - and she's gone. It's going to take Bosch to find her.

Connelly offers a solid storyline on a strong subject matter. The unabridged audio version was intense but not graphic. We witness Haller's legalese in court and Bosch's bold, independent approach in the streets. Haller seems to take center stage speaking in the first person. Bosch's investigative scenes are third person, giving the impression he's the secondary character but it was his scenes that made me stop and listen. Bosch follows Jessup, works with local department, delivers past witnesses, not to mention protects them and drops the occasional surprise on Haller and Maggie at each update. Expect an impressive, quick listen.

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Reviewed 2011
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