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A River in the Sky
An Amelia Peabody Novel Of Suspense, No 19
Elizabeth Peters

May 2011/ ISBN 9780061246070

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

It is the year 1910. Amelia Peabody and her husband, Emerson, go to Palestine when English adventurer, George Morley, is planning to excavate Jerusalem's Temple of Mount in search of the Covenant.

Morley is an amateur archeologist. General David Spencer, director of Military Operations, in London suspects Morley of spying for the Germans -- whose influence is growing in the Middle East. He wants Amelia and Emerson to stop Morley from this undertaking since it is sure to offend the religious groups who consider the Temple holy.

Their son, Ramses, is on a treacherous journey to convey important information that he learned from two travelers while he was on a dig in Samaria.

As always Peters has given her readers a plot that includes romance, adventure and mystery. It is well written with witty dialogue. The vivid settings give the reader a sense of being there. The reader is made aware of the history of events in the area at that time.

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Reviewed 2011
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