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Running Dark
Emma Coldridge series, No 2
James Freveletti

William Morrow/ HarperCollins
June 2010/ ISBN 9780061684241

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Shortly after Emma Caldridge is blown off her feet by a car explosion while running a South African ultramarathon, a stranger infects her arm with a drug and then disappears. She recovers with an abnormal amount of speed. She finishes the race in record time. To solve this abnormality she turns to her friend, Edward Banner, the head of Darkness, an American security company. Darkness is handling the security of a cruise ship presently off the Somali coast. The ship contains Pharmaceuticals and Banner suspects there is a thermal weapon aboard. Emma asks the only chemist close by to help him discover it. The ship is being attacked by Somali pirates. Emma and Banner must race to the besieged ship to save the passengers and defuse the danger.

This is a very imaginative and entertaining story. It is fast paced; the suspense is constant. There is a harrowing journey from South Africa to reach the ship. The writing is crisp. The characters are well drawn. Emma is a strong intelligent woman. The plot is complex keeping the reader guessing throughout.

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