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Scared to Death
2nd in a Trilogy
Wendi Corsi Staub

December 28th, 2010/ ISBN 0061895075

Reviewed by Susan Johnson

Scared to Death is the second on a three part trilogy that Wendi Corsi Staub has written. I have not read the first, Live to Tell but can honestly say that Scared to Death stands quite well on its own. I will have to go back and read Live to Tell and I must read the final Hell to Pay but that is only because Scared to Death was so good and made me care about the characters.

It has been 15 years. 15 years since Brett and Elsas’ dreams were shattered when they adopted a little boy named Jeremy only to have someone abduct him. He was never found. They have lived through 15 years of pain and heartache.

Now Brett and Elsa have decided to try for happiness again. They are finalizing the adoption of a beautiful little 7-year old girl. They cannot help but be afraid that history will repeat itself. Renny, their new daughter does not make their fears any less when she keeps telling them about the monster that hides in her room.

Little can they know that Jeremy is still alive. He has survived years of horror and abuse and he blames his adoptive parents for every minute of it. And he is coming back. Revenge is all consuming.

Wendi Corsi Staub is the master of taking the ordinary and making it quite mysterious and horrifying.


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Reviewed 2011
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