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Shadows Still Remain
Peter de Jonge

May 2010 / ISBN 9780061882265
Police Procedural

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer


New York Police Department Detective Darlene O'Hara is looking for a missing New York University student by the name of Francesca Pena when she learns her brutally beaten body has been found in East River Park. A tattoo was carved on the victim. The police focus on her hometown friend, David McClain, but O'Hara doubts his guilt. The case is assigned to egomaniac detective,Patrick Lowry, but O'Hara is determined to find the real killer. With the assistance of her partner, Serge Krekorian, O'Hara discovers that Pena had a secret life working for an escort service and a strip club. O'Hara finds her life in jeopardy before she finds the truth.

This is a well written , fast paced police procedural, It is a compelling and interesting crime mystery. The reader is given a tour of New York City housing projects, its cheap bars and tattoo parlors with a view of illegal escort services.

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