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The Sherlockian
Graham Moore

December 1, 2010/ ISBN 0446572594
Mystery / contemporary & historical mixed

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

Harold White becomes the youngest Baker Street Irregular in history. When a fellow alumnus is murdered after revealing he found Arthur Conan Doyle's missing diary its Harold who dons his imitation Sherlock hat to investigate. Sarah Lindsey is a reporter wanting a scoop. She takes to following Harold and eventually becomes his Watson. The chase leads them across the pond and at some point they’re not sure who's chasing whom. Harold relives many of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries in order to solve his friend's death; readers can expect plenty of spoilers.

Arthur Conan Doyle is sick of Sherlock and kills him off. In turn he receives a mail bomb. When he brings it to Scotland Yard they play it down. Feeling frustrated he decides to solve the mystery himself. Bram Stoker joins in on the suspense and eventually becomes Doyle's Watson. The trip takes them to the seedy side of town, the docks and face to face with members of the suffrage.

Moore writes both contemporary and historical fiction very well. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep the storylines moving and chapters separate the mysteries making the novel as a whole a real page-turner. I picked this book up more than once only to set it down again. When I finally opened the cover and started to read I was pleasantly surprised and highly entertained. I hope Moore eventually presents historical mystery readers with a full historical mystery.

Highly recommended.

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Reviewed 2011
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