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The Silenced
Jonathan Quinn Series
Brett Battles

April 5, 2011 / ISBN 9780440245674
International thriller

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Jonathan Quinn is a professional “cleaner.” Translated, this means Quinn and his assistants are hired to investigate and then “tidy up” after a violent crime - usually a murder - and make sure no evidence is left behind.

In this latest assignment Quinn is asked to find and remove the remains of a body hidden twenty years ago inside the walls of a London building before the structure is torn down.

Why someone wants the body removed is only part of this mystery. Once Quinn launches the retrieval, he discovers he and his team are caught between two dangerous rivals. It doesn’t take long for the unflappable cleaner to realize that not only has he been employed to tie up some loose ends, but he apparently is also one!

From London to Hong Kong and Russia to Maine, this riveting thriller spans the globe as Jonathan Quinn goes about doing what he does best: clean up the messes left by others.

The fourth novel in this exciting and fast-paced series, The Silenced is a must read for anyone who loves international suspense fiction. Not only does Brett Battles know exactly how to capture his reader’s attention, but he’s also getting better and better at doing so!

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