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Silent Victim
C.E. Lawrence

April 2010 / ISBN 9780786021499

Reviewed by
Bob Walch

Here’s another serial killer novel that is mildly entertaining as long as you don’t expect too much from the overused scenario. Within a short period of time the New York City police find two bodies, one in a bathtub and the other in the East River, both apparently suicides. Upon closer inspection it becomes obvious that the deceased were drugged and then killed.

It is also discovered that each victim is missing a small piece of flesh. This curious fact coupled with more murders results in the city’s latest serial killer being dubbed, “the Flesh Collector”.

NYPD profiler Lee Campbell is called upon to work his magic and help the department find the psychopath who also has taken to taunting the police thus adding to their determination to find him. Unfortunately, Campbell’s own past gets in the way of this investigation and suddenly it takes on a personal element that may have dire consequences.

Although this may not be a novel you’d pass on to friends to read it will help you wile away a few hours in the airport or on a long flight somewhere. The story moves fairly well and the cast of characters manage to keep you interested in what happened to them most of the time.

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