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The Stranger You Seek
Amanda Kyle Williams

August 2011/ ISBN 9780553808070

Reviewed by Bob Walch

One of the FBI’s top profilers, Keye Street, was on the fast track to the top, but she blew it. Talented as she was, poor Keye’s drinking problem deep-sixed not only her career but also her marriage. Now she’s struggling to make ends meet in Georgia by serving subpoenas and chasing down bail jumpers.

But the talented, when sober, profiler gets a second chance when her friend, Aaron Rauser, gives her the opportunity to resurrect her career with the Atlanta Police Department. A serial killer is giving the authorities fits and Keye’s expertise may be just the ticket for unearthing some real clues that will end the psychopath’s reign of terror.

Of course, Keye jumps at this opportunity to get back to what she does best. Unfortunately, she is too good at her job, and soon the hunter becomes the hunted. Most troubling of all, though, is that the person she seeks isn’t closer to her than she realizes.

This novel marks Amanda Kyle Williams debut as a mystery writer. She meticulously researched her first novel by spending time with criminologist Brent Turvey, worked with a local P.I. in her home town of Atlanta, and took courses on law enforcement in serial homicide investigations.

All this paid major dividends, as you’ll see as you read this well written, tightly plotted mystery that also showcases the author’s wicked sense of Southern humor.


Reviewed 2011
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