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Suicide Run
Three Harry Bosch Stories
Michael Connelly

Hachette Audio
October 4, 2011 / ASIN: B005SI04GO
Police Procedural / Suspense / Short Stories / Audiobook - Unabridged / Run Time: 1 hr, 17 min

Reviewed by Jo Rogers

Michael Connelly is back with three superb stories featuring LAPD Detective Harry Bosch. Harry works out of the Hollywood Station. There the cases frequently involve movie celebrities, are never run-of-the-mill and are seldom what they seem. Harry and his partner have been assigned to the night shift, established to get the investigations started sooner and give the crimes, especially the homicides, a better chance of being solved.

In the title story, Harry and his partner are patrolling near the station, keeping close so they could clock out as soon as shift is finished. That way, the late calls would go to the next shift. Tonight, the call came too early to be avoided, and Bosch was asked to check it out, to see if the rookie detective had made the right call. But to Harry's veteran eyes, the death of the gorgeous starlet was no simple suicide.

In "Cielo Azul," Harry still looks for answers in a case that was closed years ago. In that case, a teenage girl was murdered and her killer is on death row. But the victim was never identified. Who was she and why did no one claim her? Those questions still haunt Harry and the answers still elude him.

In "One Dollar Jackpot," Bosch investigated the murder of a professional poker player. Tracy Blitz had some very good poker skills and more enemies than friends. But was she killed by friend or foe?

Connelly wrote these stories in a fast-paced style that complements the plots very well. Harry Bosch remains the same character, no matter what case he's working. An author must know his character well before he starts writing to maintain that consistency. So, grab "Suicide Run" and enjoy some mystery mastery!

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Note: Contains violence, profanity
Reviewed 2011
© 2011