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Tick Tock
Detective Michael Bennett Series, No 4
James Patterson, Michael Ledwidge
Read by Bobby Cannavale, Scott Sowers

Hachette Audio
January 24, 2011 / 9781607888796
NYC Detective / Thriller / Audiobook / U FBI Agent Emily Parker. unabridged

Reviewed by
Brenda Weeaks

NY police Detective Michael Bennett and his eclectic family are back. The family is made up of adopted children, a granddad and an Irish nanny (wannabe wife). When a bomb is found in a library Michael is called away from his family vacation. Throughout the mystery Michael is pulled back and forth between his job and vacation. His family takes it better than most, and the reason is because when he’s with his kids, he’s actually interacting with them. There are multiple murders with multiple MO’s -- things seem confusing, and maybe that’s how the killer(s) want it. As danger magnifies, Michael brings in FBI agent Emily Parker. They have a history…. (so where does that leave the nanny?)

Tick Tock is a violent, twisting tale. Narrators Cannavale and Sowers give it that extra spin-tingling effect.

I think I like Tick Tock best of the series. When Step on a Crack debuted, I remember people panning Michael Bennett and his eclectic family. In the first title Michael had what I call hero-charisma. Everyone loves a hero. To see the series expand and the characters grow is very satisfying.

Co-writer Michael Ledwidge is author of The Narrowback, Bad Connections and Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead.

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Reviewed 2011
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