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A Knitting Mystery #9
Maggie Sefton

June 2011/ ISBN 978-0-425-24114-1
Mystery / cozy

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Kelly Flynn’s work as a CPA who runs her own consulting business is consuming her life this spring. As she nurses the heartbreak of the abrupt end of her relationship with boyfriend Steve, work, knitting and her close friends serve as her only solaces.

Everything changes when Kelly and her friend, Jennifer, a realtor, find one of Jennifer’s clients dead. Not just dead, murdered. Suddenly Kelly is diving head first into an investigation to find the killer before one of her own clients is charged with the crime. There are many threads spun together in this mystery and it’s up to Kelly and her sleuthing abilities to unravel the tangled web.

I like this series and in particular this book for the female friendships that take center stage. The women look out for each other personally and professionally and lean on each other for advice on everything from romance to digging up clues that will stop a killer in his or her tracks.

The murder in this book isn’t graphic, and we readers don’t have much invested in the victim. The suspects are another story, as Sefton imbues them with likable characteristics that left me rooting for their innocence even when one or two of them seem to be guilty of the crime.

The knitting shop and variety of regular characters keeps the story interesting, as does the mixture of knitting, socializing, sleuthing, murder, romance, business and sports. A little something is offered for everyone.

This is a really good summer read, perfect for a day at the beach or a rainy day inside. The author cleverly included a knitting pattern that is good for summer too. It is for a “sweet summer tee” that fits perfectly with the summer release of the novel. Also included is a recipe for “yummy chocolate cake.” You’ll want to have your knitting supplies and baking ingredients handy for sure!

I recommend this book and series for both teens and adults. It will appeal more to women than to men, in my opinion, but there are some manly men in the book too, including one who spins his own fleece on an old fashioned spinning wheel. As I noted above, there really is something for everyone to like about this book. Enjoy!

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