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Vision Impossible
A Psychic Eye Mystery, No 9
Victoria Laurie

July 2011/ ISBN 978-0-451-23406-3

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Vision Impossible features psychic Abby Cooper as she continues her new-found career as a civilian profiler for the FBI. She is assigned to work on extremely dangerous case with her fiancé, Dutch Rivers, who is himself a Special Agent. The case involves a stolen drone aircraft that contains the Intuit top-secret software program that can find anyone in the world by use of photographs of their auras. Since Abby can see auras, she is a natural for this assignment.

With Dutch in disguise as a weapons dealer who is actually in Israeli custody, and Abby play-acting as his business partner, the duo face life or death situations on a daily basis. The story is set in Canada, but the implications of the missing software and drone causing world-wide catastrophe and chaos make this book more of an international thriller.

Gone is the cozy feeling of this series, that is for sure, and I must admit that I’d noticed it moving away from that genre is the last couple of books, A Glimpse of Evil and Doom with a View. I definitely missed some of the cozy feel, but nevertheless, I couldn’t put this book down. It kept me turning pages well after I should have turned the lights out for the night. In fact, although some of the plot sounds rather far-fetched, I was left wondering how much of the story was based on real events that are kept secret from the public. I mean really, who could make this stuff up? Evidently, Victoria Laurie!

There is a great deal of violence in the book, so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone young or impressionable. Nightmares could easily ensue. However, the book is very well written, and despite a large cast of characters, it is easy to keep track of who is who and to follow all the many plot twists. I do think that readers who enjoy a spine-tingling thriller will love this book, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for a cozy/supernatural mystery unless you are already a fan of the series and want to follow Abby and Dutch’s relationship, which is moved forward nicely in this novel. This is the first hardcover book in the series, so be prepared for the price to be higher than previous books, but if you are a hard-core fan of Ms. Laurie’s books, you definitely will find this worth the price.

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Reviewer Laura Hinds is the author of Are You Gonna Eat That Banana?
Reviewed 2011
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