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Wanting Sheila Dead
Gregor Demarkian Mystery No 25
Jane Haddam

Minatour Books
July 2010 / ISBN 9780312380878

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Demarkian has just returned from his honeymoon when he is accosted by a black clad old woman who demands that he look into the strange happenings at the home of Sophie Magrdchian. He is besieged by the assistant to the producer, Sheila Dunham,(who is hated by everyone) of America's Next Superstar, a reality TV show involving Fame and fortune wannabees. An unknown woman, not a show contestant, tries to shoot Dunham. Then millions of dollars of jewels are stolen from Dunham's home and she is found beaten and unconscious next to the murdered body of a local girl. TV ratings soar. The house where the show is being filmed belongs to Gregor's wife's family so even though he wants to avoid getting involved, he agrees to find out what is going on.

This is a complex and sharply plotted storyline. Haddam satirizes the reality show industry with its egos and backstage battles. We also geet a glimpse of the lives of the *Very Old Ladies* with their solidarity and protectiveness. It is intriguing to observe Demarkian trying to solve his cases with the aid of Agatha Christie and Hercule Poirot.

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