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Wild Case
Rail Black Series, No 2
Neil Russell

March 2011 / ISBN 9780067721731
Genre Suspense

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

A brutally murdered couple is found in the small California town largely populated by good and bad cops. The murdered couple is a retired police officer and his wife...Both have been tortured.

They were friends of Hollywood billionaire and ex Delta Force operator Rail Black. He becomes involved in the investigation of what seems to be a senseless crime. When bodies start to pile up between California and Las Vegas, he finds a widespread conspiracy unfolding. It takes all his skills to finish it.

The plot is complex with intense and breakneck action. Black is rich, elegant, loyal and physically imposing. The women are all alluring and dangerous. The villains are brilliant and lethal. After a harrowing opening, you don’t want to put down this spellbinding story.


Reviewed 2011
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