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11th Hour
Women's Murder Club #11
James Patterson & Maxine Paetro
Read by January LaVoy

Hachette Audio (Unabridged)
May 7, 2012 / ISBN B00811WYP4
Mystery / Detective / Audiobook / 6 hours, 47 minutes


Reviewed by Jo Rogers

The Women's Murder Club is back as the girls try to unravel two important cases before the media gets wind of either one of them. If the media could stay away, they wouldn't be high profile cases until the perps were arrested and went on trial. In one case, San Francisco's drug dealers were being murdered. Apparently, the killer was using guns stolen from the SFPD's evidence locker. Thus, the killer had to be an active-duty cop with access to that locker. Worse yet, the last man he killed was an undercover narcotics officer.

Sergeant Lindsay Boxer and her partner, Richard Conklin, are assigned to the case. Then, Lindsay is called to the most bizarre crime scene she has ever seen. Someone unearthed two human heads from the garden on the Ellsworth Compound.
Whoever it was had then placed them on the patio table and decorated them with fresh flowers. The home's owner, actor Harry Chandler, had not been there at the time and had no idea how the heads got in his garden. Chandler, however, remained a suspect, though he'd been acquitted of the charge of murdering his wife, Cecily, whose body had never been found.

"11th Hour" is another winning thriller from James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. The regular characters are familiar, but gain more depth, as Lindsay has to temper her judgment with the knowledge that she is pregnant and her raging hormones cloud her thinking.

The plot is a stellar one. The cases are bizarre in some aspects. The solution is not what you think it will be. January Lavoy does a sterling job of reading the story. Listen to "11th Hour" and enjoy!

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