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Agony of the Leaves
A Tea Shop Mystery, No 13
Laura Childs

Berkley Hardcover
March 6, 2012 / ISBN: 0425245535
Cozy Mystery / Recipes

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

If Laura Childs has ever shown her writing skills it's here. In the first few chapters the author eloquently conveys Theo's loss and grief. The scene with Theo describing the agony of the tea leaves resonates.

The mystery begins at the opening of Neptune Aquarium in Charleston, SC. Theodosia Browning is enjoying the view in an enormous tank while Drayton and Haley take care of the Indigo Tea Table. It's here Theo is met with a tragic loss that has her spilling over with grief. Theo's ex-boyfriend Parker drowns in the large tank. Once the funeral is over Theo determined to get answers from Parker's current girlfriend, as well as the attorney and the rich thug trying to do business with him. Theo believes its murder but she has to convince homicide detective Tidwell before he'll even consider an investigation. Life goes on for the Indigo Tea Shop. While seeking proof of murder Theo and the Indigo employees continue their tea parties. Theo and Drayton also take time to do a little charity work. The mystery is weaved throughout Theo's business and personal life, which is appropriate since that's where Parker occasionally was as well. Despite losing a favorite secondary character fans will appreciate this well-written mystery. Child's outdid herself on this one.

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Reviewed 2012
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