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A Jad Bell novel
Greg Rucka
read by Rob Shapiro

Hachette Audio
May 22, 2012 / ISBN 978-1619690592
Mystery / Suspense / Audiobook - Unabridged / 9 hours and 17 minutes

Reviewed by Jo Rogers

Greg Rucka is back with a new thriller, "Alpha." This features Jonathan "Jad" Bell, a special ops team leader. He is a Master Sergeant in a branch of the United States Armed Forces, but the story never says to which branch he belongs. For now, he and his team are working at an amusement park, Wilsonville, similar to Disneyland. Bell is in charge of security inside the park. It is a major terrorist attraction and they have indications something is going to happen.

Gabriel Fuller works at Wilsonville, playing the role of "Pooch," the cartoon dog that was the beginning of Wilsonville. He'd been brought to the United States several years ago as a sleeper in a terrorist cell. He'd gotten a college education and fallen in love with a coworker named Dana and they'd just moved in together when Gabriel got his marching orders. But Gabriel doesn't like what he's been asked to do. He's too happy living the American dream.

Things get complicated when Bell's daughter calls to say that she, and her class full of deaf children, will be visiting Wilsonville on Saturday. Bell tries to get the trip postponed, but can't. Of course, on Saturday, things go wrong. That's the day Gabriel was to fulfill his assignment.

"Alpha" is one book you won't want to put down. Its characters are fully human, flawed and imperfect. The plot is America's worst nightmare come to life. The reader, Rob Shapiro, does a masterful job of making the story live. The only detraction was the sex at the beginning and the profanity scattered throughout the book. So, pick up the audio version of "Alpha" and go on a wild journey in the world of terrorism.

Reviewer's Note: Contains violence, sex, profanity
Reviewed 2012