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The Baker Street Letters
Nigel and Reggie Heath Mysteries, No 1
Michael Robertson

Minotaur Books
February 1, 2011 / ISBN-10: 0312650647 (reprint)
Mystery / London/California / Contemporary

Reviewed by L J Roberts

First Sentence: Why are you all staring at me that way.

Reggie Heath is an attorney who has recently leased space at 221b Baker Street, not realizing it's the address of fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. In fact, his lease contains the stipulation that all letters received there for the famous detective are to be answered with a standard form letter only. Reggie's younger brother, Nigel is uncertain of his commitment to the law and has been temporarily suspended. Now relegated to duties as a clerk, dealing with the letters is part of his job. One such letter has caused Nigel to disappear, a dead body left in his office, and brother Reggie-along with occasional lover Laura-on their way to Los Angeles after Nigel.

Both the prologue and first chapter are intriguing and completely captivating. There is no desire to put this book down.

Reggie is insecurity wrapped in arrogance. He is rather, in some ways typically, a dim-bulb male when it comes to relationships. We do learn of Reggie's background through a conversation, which I found well done, but otherwise there's not a lot of connection made between the reader and the characters. Unfortunately, the author's voice, aside from some delightful humor, is rather flat.

There are a few holes in the plot and noticeable coincidences, but there is a very good twist toward the end and climatic scene.

The Baker Street Letters was not a great read, but it was a very enjoyable one.

Reviewed 2012