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Beef Stolen-Off
A Clueless Cook Mystery No 2
Liz Lipperman

Berkley Prime Crime
July 2012/ ISBN-10: 042525142X

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Jordan McAllister - - the bologna loving, wannabe sports reporter - - is now the official Ranchero Globe's reporter of all things culinary. This is despite the fact that she can't cook. Her first assignment is to report on the annual Cattleman's Ball. Picked up in a stretch limo and drinking champagne (the good stuff) with a hunky and attentive date, Jordan is living the good life. Her date, Rusty Morales, is the nicest guy running interference for her and keeping her entertained. That is until he starts choking during the meal. No need for Jordan to give him the Heimlich. Rusty seems to recover quickly. Jordan figures he just needs some fresh air and goes with him. On their way outside, Rusty is stopped by Brenda Sue who seems to know Rusty very well in spite of being married. Finally outside, they sit on a bench and Rusty has a seizure. Jordan goes for help….unfortunately Rusty doesn't make it.

An unexpected visit from her favorite brother, Danny, was all Jordan needed to perk up. He works for the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Ranchers Association (TSCRA) and was looking into cattle rustling! It seems that Rusty Morales might just be the brains behind the cattle rustling ring.

Jordan is back to her investigative ways and wants to find out more about Rusty. Danny tells Jordan that Rusty Morales was poisoned. Is his death related to his womanizing ways, or cattle rustling…or something else? There are quite a few suspects and Jordan gets to know all of them. Will her neighbors and card-playing friends have to send in the cavalry again?

This is a fun, fast read and I enjoyed getting to know more about Jordan and her posse. I found all the twists and turns in the story refreshing. We can only hope that Ms. Lipperman has a lot of stories in mind to keep Jordan around for years to come. In addition to the great story, there are some yummy recipes included.

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