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Before She Dies
By Mary Burton

2012 / ISBN 9781420110210

Reviewed by Bob Walch

She's appeared in a number of novels, but reticent defense attorney Charlotte Wellington has managed to share little about her past with the reader. That all changes in this riveting and shocking thriller about a crazed madman who is convinced that "he's been born to destroy the wicked, not be drawn in by their earthy temptations".

Finding his victims at a carnival where there are plenty of folks who need "purifying", the serial killer holds them under water to wash away their sins before he stakes their bodies to the ground, exposing them for what they really are - witches.

On a real tear, the madman must be stopped and that task falls to Detective Daniel Rokov and Charlotte. What everyone doesn't realize is that not only does Charlotte have a murdered sister buried away in her dark past but also a relationship that dates back to the carnival.

What's even more astounding is that ultimately the attorney herself becomes a target for the killer and, as we know, he's extremely good at achieving his deadly goals.

If you've already read "Sensless" and/or "Merciless" you'll definitely want to get a copy of Before She Dies. This latest thriller has set the bar even higher for Mary Burton's work and opens a whole new chapter of the Charlotte Wellington saga.

Reviewed 2012