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The Black Stiletto
Black and White, #2
Raymond Benson

Ocean view Publishing
May 30, 2012 / ISBN 9781608090419

Reviewed by Nicole Merritt

The Black Stiletto has a ring to it. Second in a series from the infamous James Bond 007 author, Benson introduces a unique type of suspense for readers to enjoy. Revealed through her diary circa 1959, the narrator, her son, takes the reader through the journey of the Black Stiletto's secret past.

The book grabs you from the beginning lines as he describes seeing his mother on film for the first time after discovering she was once the crime fighter known as The Black Stiletto, still alive in her 70's in a nursing home battling Alzheimer's, To his amazement and yours, he invites the reader to read along through her personal diaries.

It's a work of fiction that takes on a very real atmosphere and makes it hard for the reader to distinguish. This in itself makes the whole story more intriguing and exciting. I did not read the first one, but the introduction helps in identifying your place in the story, so don't fear. But, I would suggest you do read them in sequence. I think it is always preferable, because you inevitably like the story and then have to go back to the beginning at a later date.

Pick this one up, it is fast paced and enthralling.

Reviewed 2012