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Blind Sight
Terri Persons

Berkley Prime Crime
January 3, 2012 / ISBN: 9780425245910
Paranormal Mystery

Reviewed by Jan Fields

Bernadette Saint Clare has a gift. When she touches something a murderer has handled, she can see through the killer's eyes. This gift has been a benefit and a curse to her as an FBI agent. She helps solve crimes, but no one wants to be connected with that kind of spooky crime solving. In this third outing, she's trying to find the killer of a pregnant teenager -- a killer may still have the newborn cut from the mother's womb. She's also dealing with her grown romantic entanglement with Assistant Special Agent in Charge Anthony Garcia. Although most of the red herrings in the novel are stinky enough that we wondered why the agents spendst so much time considering them, we soon found out -- everything is interconnected by complex threads of relationships and events. This results in a plot that kept me guessing more than I expected. Bernadette's "gift" seems slight and murky enough to offer only minor help to the job of solving the crime -- so this is really a book for mystery lovers more than paranormal fans. As a mystery, I found the twists and turns lively and engaging. As a paranormal -- I like a little more amazement in my hocus-pocus. As a romance -- I thought it was charmingly real. As a mix of three -- this one will keep you turning pages until the last page is flipped.

Reviewer Jan Fields is the editor of Kid Magazine Writers emagazine and has written dozens of stories and articles for the children's magazine market.
Reviewed 2012
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