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Blood Bath & Beyond
An Immorality Bites Mystery #1
Michelle Rowen

Obsidian / Berkley
August 2012 / ISBN 0451237641
Mystery – Paranormal

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Sarah Dearly is a fledgling vampire of seven months. Her fiancé, Thierry de Bennicoeur, is a six-hundred-year-old-plus master vampire. I guess you could say it was love at first bite- but Thierry did not turn Sarah into a vampire – he did, however, rescue her.

The two are off to Las Vegas to attend to some Ring business. Ring being the vampire council that makes sure that things are on the up-and-up. Thierry, founder of the Ring several centuries ago, will now be a consultant for them. His first assignment will be to look into a child vampire named Victoria Corday. This one-hundred-and-two year old looks like an adorable six year old (except for the drinking and smoking) and has been competing in events that are similar to Toddlers and Tiaras. The Ring does not like to have extra attention drawn to them – it brings out the vampire hunters.

Another bigger problem has been the killing of six humans. They have been drained of their blood – vampire style - one death every day for six days. So far the story has not made headlines. Bernard Du Shaw, the man Thierry is replacing, will be working on that case. The Ring is also sending an enforcer – he is sort of the vampire version of James Bond in that he has a license to kill … other vampires.

Some questions that need answering: Is Victoria Corday involved in the human deaths? Why were Thierry and Bernard arguing? Will Sarah fill her days with endless shopping trips or will she decide to assist Thierry in his work?

This is a very entertaining book and readers will enjoy the fast-paced action. It is filled with humor as well as vampire lore. So if you like your mysteries with a little bite –then this book is for you. Once bitten, you will crave all future books in the series - Michelle Rowen has written what I am calling a vampire cozy mystery.

Reviewed 2012