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The Body in the Boudoir
Faith Fairchild Mystery #20
Katherine Hall Page

William Morrow
May 1, 2012 / ISBN 978-0062065483
Suspense / Mystery

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Marking the 20th installment of the very popular Faith Fairchild series, this suspense novel takes a step back and returns to Faith's early life as a New York City caterer. We are back in the 1990s and Faith Sibley is leading the good life with her own successful business and a cozy apartment.

Then the young woman meets the handsome, charming Reverend Thomas Fairchild and her existence is turned topsy-turvy. Since she is the daughter and granddaughter of clergymen, Faith doesn't really want to marry a minister but it is love at first sight.

Of course, there are complications before the couple can wed. First, Faith is not warmly embraced by one member of Thomas' New England family. Then there is an issue of the brickwork that mysteriously keeps falling off her uncle's Long Island mansion where the wedding will be held. For some reason it tumbles down when the young bride is in the vicinity!

Other "distractions" include the fact that someone seems to be trying to derail Faith's sister's financial career and Faith's new assistant seems to have some interesting family skeletons in the closet that date back to her family in Italy.

The path to the altar nearly turns into to a dead-end, when it appears someone is trying to make sure the bride never ties the knot. Not only are the wedding plans methodically sabotaged, Faith seems to be the target of someone who wants her festivities to end in the graveyard rather than the honeymoon suite. On the other hand, Faith may not be the intended victim here. You know how odd some family gatherings can get!

If you have followed this character, you'll definitely want to read this latest suspense yarn. On the other hand, if Faith Fairchild is a total stranger, what better time than now to make her introduction!

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