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The Bone Yard (2nd review)
By Jefferson Bass

2012 / ISBN 9780061807046

Reviewed by Bob Walch

There were plenty of rumors of beatings, torture, and other atrocities that went on at the North Florida Reformatory, but it takes a former student's shocking diary to finally lead authorities to the truth.

Dr. Bill Brockton is called away from his Body Farm, his human-decomposition research facility at the University of Tennessee, when two adolescent skulls are unearthed in the Florida panhandle near the burned out ruins of the reformatory that was destroyed forty year ago.

Further digging by Brockton's team uncovers a cluster of shallow burial sites containing the remains of young boys, all of whom died violently.

As the search for the truth and what happened here years ago goes forward, Brockton will discover the skeletons in the closet point to some pretty important people, who would much rather their secrets remain hidden from public view.

Another in the popular Body Farm series of suspense yarns, this investigation offers plenty of grisly details and roller-coaster action as the indomitable, forensic anthropologist once again proves the truth is hard to hide and nothing stays buried forever.

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Reviewed 2012