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Capitol Murder
PI Dana Cutler / Atty Brad Miller
Philip Margolin

April 3, 2012/ ISBN 9780062069887
Political thriller, terrorists

Reviewed by Bob Walch

After unmasking a U.S. president's involvement in serial murders and saving the life of a Supreme Court justice, private investigator Dana Cutler and lawyer Brad Miller are at it again.

The third novel in Phillip Margolin's Washington trilogy finds a former adversary, Clarence Little, the convicted killer from "Executive Privilege", back on the streets after he escapes from Death Row. The mutilated remains of a wealthy woman suggest the Capitol Hill killer is back to his old tricks.

The fact that the woman was a heavy donor to Senator Jack Carson's campaign fund and also had ties to an international terrorist group muddies the situation. Carson has a penchant for bedding sexy women and the Congressman's extra-curricular activities seem to have now placed him in a very compromising position.

To heighten the tension and complicate matters for Cutler and Miller, the terrorist group has reputedly targeted an NFL stadium for an attack. Working against the pressure of a tight timeline, the duo must sort out this mess quickly. If they don't, hundreds of lives could be lost.

Political corruption, international intrigue and a nasty sex scandal lie at the heart of this gritty story as bestselling author Phillip Margolin works his magic again in an action packed thriller.

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