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Conflict of Interest
Adam Metzger

Galley Books
May 2011 / ISBN: 978-1439157510
Legal thriller

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Alex Miller, a workaholic attorney at the crossroads of his life, is questioning his life. He takes on the representation of Michael Ohlig, a mysterious figure from the family's past. Ohlig was a close friend of his father. Working on the case, he neglects his family and starts an affair with a woman from work, even though their association could jeopardize his future with the firm. The trial is successful, Alex giving Ohlig an expert defense, but in the pursuit of the facts of the case Alex learns about Ohlig's association with his father and mother. When his mother is found dead and ruled a suicide, Alex refuses to believe this and accuses Olhlig who had a long-lasting affair with her of murdering her. He becomes instrumental in proving Ohlig's guilt.

This is a psychological legal thriller with a solid cast of well-developed characters with a deeply flawed hero and a sympathetic villain. There is much description of life in a law firm. The story is well plotted with many twists and turns and a surprising ending.

Reviewed 2012
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