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Copycat Killing
A Magical Cats Mystery, No 3
Sofie Kelly

May 2012/ 978-0-451-23662-3

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Kathleen Paulson is the town librarian in Mayville Heights. Her job is interesting enough, but life outside the library is full of surprises; some good, and some terrible. Kathleen has two cats, Owen and Hercules who possess magical powers. One cat can disappear and the other walks through walls. They both understand everything that Kathleen says to them too. The cats had adopted Kathleen when she first came to town, and have been integral in helping her solve crimes as well as providing love and companionship that enrich her life.

It's been pouring rain for days on end, and now the local artists' co-op has four feet of water in the basement. Artwork and supplies have been moved up to a higher level of the building to keep them safe from damage. One newcomer, Jaeger Merrill makes it his business to complain at every turn, and is pushing for the co-op to seek corporate sponsorship. Jaeger is not well liked, but it still comes as a shock when he is found dead on the basement stairs. Kathleen believes it was murder, and she intends to find the killer.

Merrill's body isn't the only corpse to show up. Bones are unearthed after a landslide caused by the rain. The bones are onsite of Wisteria Hill, where Kathleen, police officer Marcus Gordon and other volunteers take care of feral cats. Is the corpse that of the long missing Thomas Karlsson, father of the local veterinarian Roma? Will Kathleen and her cohorts- human and feline- be able to sort things out before a killer strikes again? Will the budding romance between Kathleen and Marcus grow into something more?

I've been a huge fan of this series from the very start, and I am delighted that this new book meets my expectations and then some. The characters remain true to life, and their relationships continue to grow. New characters are introduced, but regulars from the first two books are sprinkled liberally through the story. Cats with magic powers, a library, good friends who look out for each other and small town coziness come together in perfect unison.

If you are a fan of Miranda James' "Cat in the Stacks Mysteries" you will want to read Copycat Killing, and also the first two books, Sleight of Paw and Curiosity Thrilled the Cat.

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