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Cut and Run
Joe Hunter Series, No 4
Matt Hilton

2011 / ISBN 9780062079947

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Talk about an extreme vengeance scenario. Seven years ago Luke Rickard was left for dead by ex-CIA and Special Ops agent Joe Hunter. Well, guess what? Rickard is still kicking and now he is bent on exacting revenge as he plots to totally destroy Hunter.

Someone with Hunter·s face and identity has launched a killing spree and a lot of those close to the former covert agent are dying. On the run from both the authorities and his nemesis, Hunter travels from the streets of Miami to the slums of Columbia as he tries to deal with this nightmare, clear his name and, once and for all, eliminate one of his deadliest enemies. The only question is can he achieve this task before Luke Rickard reaches his goal? Obviously, one of these two men will come up short while the other could well end up in intensive care!

This may not be a "Top Ten" finisher on the best-seller lists, but it still packs a punch and there·s enough action here to satisfy even the most demanding reader. If you expect a thriller to move forward at a breakneck pace, Matt Hilton is your man!


Reviewed 2012
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