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Dare Me
Megan Abbott

Hachette Audio (Unabridged)
July 31, 2012 / ISBN B008R63BXW
Mystery / Audiobook / 9 hours, 10 minutes

Reviewed by Jo Rogers

"Dare Me" is a coming-of-age novel with a deadly twist. Adelaide "Addy" Hanlon and Beth Cassidy have been best friends since early childhood. Now, they're seniors in high school, and, as always, Beth is the captain of the cheer squad and Addy is her trusted lieutenant. They had a coach, but Beth still ran things, until the coach quit and Colette French took over.

The new coach demands more of them than pompom shaking and tush wiggling. She wants some real stunts. That means they have to give up their sugary snacks and get into good physical condition. The coach also commands their loyalty, which all are willing to give, except for Beth. She resents the intrusion into her world, and she resents the loss of Addy's affections when Addy accepts the friendship Colette French offers her.

But the girls willingly follow coach and grow stronger and better. Coach then abolishes the position of cheer squad captain. For Beth, it's the last straw. She has to get rid of Colette French. When a friend of Coach commits suicide, Beth sees her chance, and the real trouble starts.

"Dare Me" is the story of teenage girls with their fantasies, longings and lies. It's what happens when jealousy rules a girl, whose dark side is just below the surface, waiting to take over. The tragedy that occurs strikes them all, doing permanent damage to all involved. They're typical teenagers, but with the darkness now surfacing more and more.

I could do without the details of the sex acts and the profanity that is the rule here. If this is a normal teenage girl, I'm glad I don't have one. If you don't have teenagers, this book might not keep you interested. If you do, listen to "Dare Me," and keep an eye on your teenagers. You don't want them to turn out like Beth.

Reviewer's Note: Contains sex, violence, profanity
Reviewed 2012