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Deadly Row to Hoe
Home Crafting Mystery #6
authorCricket McRae

Midnight Ink
November 2012/ ISBN 0738733083

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Sophie Mae is back and this time in addition to her Winding Road Bath Product business, she has the gang involved with the CSA. That is the community supported agriculture membership at the Turner farm. You pay a fee and get vegetables every week in the growing season. If you volunteer at the farm, you get a price discount and that is what Sophie Mae and Meghan Bly are doing.

Usually, it is Sophie Mae that finds the dead bodies – but this time Meghan finds a boot sticking out the towering compost heap. The police are called in and they find the body of a dead woman that no one seems to know. Sophie Mae does not want to get involved in solving this murder. She is more interested in becoming a mother. She and Barr have been working on it. Even though the police and her detective husband have asked her, Sophie Mae doesn’t want to risk losing a baby that is not even conceived yet.

A nightmare and some clues leading to the identity of the dead woman have Sophie Mae back on the case. Nate Snow, an employee at the Turner farm, identifies the woman as Darla Klick an ornithologist. Looks like Sophie Mae will have plenty of suspects at the farm that are ripe for the picking.

Things to ponder: How does Nate know Darla? Why did several of the farm people deny knowing Darla? Was Hallie just stirring up trouble or was she involved in the murder? Will there be a baby in Sophie Mae’s future? Will Erin ever convince her mom that a cell phone is vital for a twelve year old?

Cricket McRae has written another page turner. It is always fun to catch up with old friends and see what they are up to including the murders they are solving. So if you to like to have your murders solved with a crafty touch then this is the book for you.

Reviewer's Note: Other books in the series: Lye In Wait; Heaven Preserve Us; Spin A Wicked Web; Something Borrowed, Something Bleu; Wined & Died
Reviewed 2012