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Death Comes Silently
Death on Demand Series # 22
Carolyn Hart

Berkley Hardcover
April 3, 2012 / ISBN: 0425245705
Mystery / Cozy / Amateur Sleuth / South Carolina

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

Death Comes Silently is number twenty one in Hart's Death on Demand series. By now Annie and her hubby have come up in the world. Max isn't a PI, but he does assist research situations for people and drives a very expense car. Annie stays busy with local issues and her bookstore is more popular than ever (thanks in part to her mother-in-law). Annie has gained a reputation for solving murders and the locals have come to trust her. In this case a felon is accused of murdering a volunteer named Gretchen at the local charity shop, Better Tomorrow. The felon works for Annie's friend, Henny. Henny wants to protect this young felon, so she hides him. Henny, Annie and Max soon discover a card with writing on it and a kayaking death hold the key to solving this case. Annie wants to help Henny, but Annie also wants to make it right; if she hadn't traded places with Gretchen it might have been her laying bloody on the floor.

Death Comes Silently doesn't disappoint. I was immediately engaged, forgetting everything around me. As usual, Hart's storyline flows and characters/suspects are introduced at the very beginning. The crime happens "off stage" and there are plenty of red herrings followed by a satisfying conclusion. I look forward to this series each year and I'm hoping there's a forthcoming title coming soon in Hart's Ruth Bailey series as well.

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