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Death In Four Courses
A Key West Critic Mystery #2
Lucy Burdette

Obsidian Mystery
September 2012 / ISBN 0451237838 - ebook reviewed

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Hayley Snow finally has the job of her dreams – she is the food critic for Key Zest – the newest Key West style magazine. She is looking forward to going to the “Key West Loves Literature” event this weekend. There will be many seminars given by the foodies Hayley adores and admires. Hayley is especially looking forward to hearing the keynote speaker, Jonah Barrows. An interview with him will really help her impress the owner of the magazine. In fact, she has emailed Jonah several times in order to arrange to meet him. Unfortunately, he only emailed back and said find him at the reception at Audubon House.

Of course, Hayley is the one to find the body of Jonah lying in the reflecting pool with his head bashed in. After the speech Jonah has given, alienating just about the entire audience, you would think there would be almost too many suspects. However, the cops are thinking Hayley is the number one suspect since she found the body– even the statue she thinks is the murder weapon has disappeared. Can Detective Nate Bransford help Hayley solve the crime before her goose is cooked?

Lucy Burdette has once again stirred the pot. She has written a yummy mystery with all the right ingredients. Lucy has given us a smorgasbord of potential murders. This was a delightful read set in a location I want to visit again. As a bonus, Lucy has included some mouth-watering recipes. So if you like your mysteries peppered with food then Death In Four Courses is for you.

Reviewer's Note: An Appetite For Murder is the first book in the series.
Reviewed 2012