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Death on Heels
Crime of Fashion Mystery No 8
Ellen Byerrum

Feb 2012/ 978-0-451-23613-5
Mystery/Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Lacey Smithsonian has a successful career as a fashion reporter. She lives and works in Washington, DC, where she also has a boyfriend named Vic Donovan, a retired police chief from her hometown of Sagebrush, Colorado. Lacey's ex-boyfriend, Cole Tucker, still lives in Sagebrush and has been arrested and charged with murder. He is a suspected serial killer.

As much as Lacey hoped to never go back to Sagebrush, she now feels that she has to. She cannot believe for a minute that Cole would kill anyone, let alone kill three women. Yet when Lacey has a few minutes with Cole before his arraignment, he kidnaps her and takes her on the lam. Could it be true that Cole is a serial killer, and Lacey was all wrong about him? Or is he innocent and merely desperate to have Lacey uncover the true murderer?

If you like a fast-paced, mystery, chock full of twists, turns and interesting characters, you'll enjoy this book. Although this is the most recent book in the Crime of Fashion series, it could be read as a good starting point to get to know Lacey, since her backstory is explored in Death on Heels.

I loved the Colorado setting, the small-town feel of Sagebrush, and the Fashion Bites sprinkled liberally though out the pages. Lacey and her friends and family are intelligent and realistic characters, and Byerrum uses them to their full potential. The plot is believable and intriguing, and who-done-it not readily apparent.

Byerrum's books Hostile Makeover and Killer Hair, both part of the Crimes of Fashion series, have been made into Lifetime movies.

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Reviewer Laura Hinds is the author of Are You Gonna Eat That Banana?
Reviewed 2012