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Dorchester Terrace [review 2]
Charlotte and Thomas Pitt
Anne Perry

April 3,2012 / 0345510623
History Mystery / Professor / Investigator / England-1896

Reviewed by L J Robert


First Sentence: It was mid-February and growing dark outside.

Just as the series has continued, so have the lives of the characters. That is only one reason those of us who love this series are loyal to it; these are characters in whom we have become invested.

After the events of the previous book, "Treason at Lisson Grove", we find Thomas Pitt now as head of Special Branch. Unfortunately, neither Pitt nor others are certain he's capable of handling his new role. Ms. Perry wonderfully helps us understand the complexity, both socially and with regard to experience, of the new position Pitt now holds. Victor Narrraway has been moved out of Special Branch into the House of Lords yet misses his old role. Great-Aunt Vespasa, one of my favorite characters, providing insight and wisdom, is Ms. Perry's vehicle for ruminations on the mental and physical pain of being elderly. Charlotte, Thomas' wife, is ever loyal and supportive. Stoker, a fairly new character and Pitt's second, is someone about whom we know little except for a delightful revelation toward the book's end.

Ms. Perry's attention to period detail is astonishing. Additionally, the book is an amazing history lesson on Austro-Hungary and the tensions which led up to WWI. Make no mistake; however, this is not your old, dry, boring history course. Far from it. It is fascinating and well incorporated into the plot.

"Dorchester Terrace" contains good tension and suspense with a very good twist which catches both the reader, and the protagonist, unawares. Well done, Ms. Perry.

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