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Drop Dead on Recall
Sheila Webster Boneham

Midnight Ink Books
October 8, 2012 / ISBN: 0738733067

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Janet MacPhail, a 50ish photographer, has taken her dog Jay to the local dog obedience trial. While waiting for her turn, she sees Abigail Dorn working with her Border Collie, Pip. Before you know it, Abigail falls flat on her face. The EpiPen that is used on her does not seem to be working. Good thing the EMTs and the ambulance showed up. Being a good-hearted person, Janet agrees to take Pip home with her and even packs up the remains of Abigail’s breakfast and takes the tote bag home too. Janet throws the emptied food containers in the dishwasher to have everything set for when she returns Pip to Abigail. Everyone thinks that Abigail was stung by a bee. So it is a great shock to find out that Abigail is dead.

Janet just can’t keep her snout –I mean nose out of the investigation. Especially after Detective Jo Stevens has started using her as an expert witness. But when Jay, her Australian Shepard, appears to be poisoned and Leo, her orange tabby, goes missing, this case has just become very personal.

Things to ponder: Why is there a Yugo following Janet? Is Tom Saunders just a hunky nice guy that wants to get to know Janet better …… or could he be involved in Abigail’s death? Was Greg Dorn having an affair with another competitor?

If you are an animal lover who enjoys mysteries – then this is the book for you. And not only because there are red herrings included. You get a glimpse into the world of competitive dog trials and dog breeding. It is a real pager-turner and it kept me guessing until the end. I love finding a new author and series that I enjoy. The only downfall I found is waiting for the next book.

Reviewed 2012