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Fade Away Girl
An Emma Graham mystery #3
Martha Grimes

New American Library
Feb 2012 / 97804512351235640

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

As a cub reporter for the weekly Conservative newspaper, Emma Graham is writing a series of articles about the attempt on her life while she was solving the mysterious drowning of a young girl many years ago. She also helps out at the Hotel Paradise where her mother works.

She now becomes curious about the unsolved disappearance of Baby Fay Slate from the Paradise Hotel 35 years ago. There was never a demand for ransom; there were no clues; there was no body found. Emma delves into newspaper archives for information about the supposed kidnapping and interviews former residents. She has various theories about the case which challenges her.

The baby's father appears on the scene after many years and a new hotel employee who is a drifter adds to the mystery. They both raise questions which Emma is challenged to answer.

This is a well plotted suspenseful mystery with an excellent cast of colorful characters. Emma is intelligent, precocious, witty, inquisitive. Having said that, is it any surprise that she solved the mystery of the baby's kidnapping? However it does defy belief that a 10 year old girl could solve a mystery which had baffled seasoned police for years doesn't? Of Course that's what makes a good story...


Reviewer's Note:
Reviewed 2012