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Faithful Unto Death
A Sugar Land Mystery #1
Stephanie Jaye Evans

Berkley Prime Crime
June 5, 2012 / ISBN 978-0425247730

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Walker "Bear" Wells always tries to do the right thing. He is a minister in Sugar Land Texas with a wife and children. Right after Detective James Wanderley tells him Graham Garcia (who is not even a member of his congregation) was murdered, he left the interview before it was concluded, drove home, and picked up his wife on the way to comfort the family of the deceased.

Graham Garcia was found dead on the Bridgewater golf course, cause of death was most likely a golf club to the head. The police think Honey Garcia, Graham's wife, is the prime suspect with their son Alex running a close second on the list. Alex is AWOL at the moment adding fuel to the suspect list. Even though Honey is a part of his congregation, Bear does not want to get involved with the murder. He feels comforting the family is the right thing to do, let the police solve the crime.

Bear Walker was one of the last people to see Graham Garcia alive. They had a meeting set up by Honey. She wanted Bear to find out what was bothering Graham. Sure enough Bear found out that Graham wanted out of his marriage to Honey. There was nothing left to salvage. Which would be one good motive to murder your husband, that is if Honey knew about the state of her marriage before Graham was killed. Could be why Bear went to check out the crime scene.

No matter which way he turned Bear just kept getting thrust into the crime. The Detective calling for some background information, a grandfather asking for help with his grandson Alex, then finding out his own daughter Jo is seeing Alex, who has been taken into custody. What can a man do but the right thing?

I am always excited to find an author new to me. What makes this even better is finding a new author who has just written her first book. Stephanie Jaye Evans tells a great story and drew me into the plot from the very beginning. While this is her first book, I can tell you it won't be her last. She paints a portrait that makes the characters real and you want to find out what will happen next. Bear Walker is a reluctant sleuth who tells you his story. It is refreshing to read a cozy from a man's angle. I can't wait read more about the man that wants to do the right thing.

Reviewer's Note: First in a new series.
Reviewed 2012