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Fashion Faux Paw
Dog Walker Mystery Series, No 6
Judi McCoy

Obsidian (Penguin)
March 6, 2012 / ISBN 978-0451236272
Cozy Mystery

Reviewed by Linda Morelli

Ellie Engleman is a professional dog walker with a unique talent: she talks to dogs and they respond, especially Rudy, her terrier mix, who tells Ellie that trouble finds them. Thanks to her friend, Patti, Ellie is hired to care for the dogs at the NY fashion show being held by Nola Morgan Designs. Patti, along with the other models and their small dogs, will walk the runway wearing matching outfits. Ellie is enjoying the job until she meets designer Lilah Perry, who insults Ellie and her assistant, Kitty King. Ellie learns that she's not alone; Lilah insults virtually everyone. The reader knows right off that Rudy is right.

When the designer collapses, Ellie is asked to retrieve Lilah's EpiPen. She returns to the designer's side only to discover the pen is empty. The police discover that Lilah died from contact with peanut oil, and they suspect Kitty's brother, Jeffry King, although Ellie believes he's innocent. So do the owners of Nola Morgan Designs, for they ask Ellie to discover who truly murdered Lilah. Ellie and Rudy begin the investigation, but with so many suspects, finding the real killer is a challenge.

Ellie is a wonderful character who is insightful and patient, one who believes the best of people…and our canine friends. Her charming and down-to-earth dog, Rudy, provides wry and insightful comments, and is an invaluable aide in silently gleaning information from others' conversations. Really, who notices a dog underfoot?

The discussions shared by Ellie and Rudy provide hilarious relief in this well-thought out who-done-it. Fashion Faux Paw is a delightful cozy mystery with a strong, solid plot, and a host of characters, most of whom had a reason for hating the dead woman. Judi McCoy has provided us with yet another thoroughly enjoyable read in this loveable series.

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Reviewer's Note: Judi McCoy is a national bestselling author

Reviewed 2012