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Feast Day of Fools
Hackberry Holland, No 3
James Lee Burke

Pocket Books
March 27, 2012 / ISBN 978-1451675337

Reviewed by Beverly J. Rowe

Hackberry Holland may be my favorite Burke character. He's a crusty old guy, but with a definite soft spot in his heart, though his decades-younger deputy, Pam Tibbs can't seem to get to first base with the romantic ideas she has. Hack has a whole load of personal demons that he is battling.

In this sequel to Rain Gods, Hack is the Sheriff of a hard-scrabble town on the Texas/Mexico border, he deals with illegal immigrants and the coyotes that bring them across the border, along with various drugs, and now he must find a killer who takes great pleasure in torturing his victims before dismembering them. Hack's investigation of the latest atrocity leads him to Anton Ling, a mysterious Chinese woman that reminds Hack of his deceased wife. Known for taking in illegals, she may be as dangerous as the men she shelters.

Then a notorious killer that Hack had presumed dead returns, along with his signature machine gun...but this time, Hackberry Holland and "Preacher" Collins have a common enemy, and their lives are on the line.

Feast Day of Fools is loaded with quirky characters, fast action, and a multi-layered plot that is guaranteed to keep you up reading all night. Burke is an absolute genius, and has no equal in his lyrical descriptions...I think I might read his books just for the wonderful prose, but the characters and action keep me coming back for his next story.

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