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Flight from Berlin
David John

July 10, 2012 / ISBN 9780062091567
Fiction / Thrillers

Reviewed by Linda Morelli

Richard Denham is a hard boiled English reporter living in Berlin in 1936 who does not hesitate to report the sinister aspects of Nazism for his English language readers. Against the backdrop of the 1936 Olympics, breakout author David John weaves a tale of political intrigue and suspense that takes place in Nazi Germany, Great Britain and America. David deftly mixes real historical characters (he provides brief bios at the end of his novel) that interact with his fictional characters to recreate the climate of Nazi Germany on the verge of claiming its place on the world stage through the Olympics.

Joining Richard is a female American Olympic star (Eleanor) who has come to Berlin to compete but is thrown off the team while in transit for violating curfew. Although at first indifferent to the swirl of politics surrounding the Olympics, Eleanor joins Richard as he gets drawn into spy-versus-spy intrigue between the British and Germans involving a dossier that both the Nazis and British want. Is Richard a reporter or a spy? Why does Richard want to help a Jewish family escape Nazi Germany? The deeper Eleanor gets drawn into this intrigue, the more she believes Richard's staunch anti-Nazi views.

The author weaves a tale of intrigue while describing how Nazi Germany officials used the Olympics to further Germany's goals to become a dominant world power. The reader is quickly drawn into the dark world of Nazi Germany secret police before the start of WWII that is seldom told these days. The plot's twists and turns certainly kept me intrigued, but I really liked the believability of the interaction of the fictional characters with real historical figures, and the exciting climax on the fateful journey of the Nazi airship Hindenburg that crashed in New Jersey in 1937.

Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2012