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The Fourth Crow
Gil Cunningham Mystery Series – Book IX
Pat McIntosh

Constable (Constable and Robinson)
19 July 2012/ ISBN 9781780331638
Historical Mystery / 1494 / Glasgow, Scotland

Reviewed by
Rachel A Hyde

One morning the citizens of Glasgow awaken to a strange sight; a young woman tied to St Mungo’s Cross, and she is dead. Many people knew she was left there overnight to cure her madness, although, on closer inspection by Gil Cunningham, this appears to be no more than grief over the death of her husband. But who wants her dead, and why? Gil will have to go to where she lived to find out more.

A good historical novel is the closest we can get to a time machine, and this is one of my current favorite histmyst series. Late 15thcentury Glasgow springs to vibrant life in the capable hands of Ms McIntosh, dialect, customs, politics and all. There is a good, twisty plot to unravel and more than one body, a sub plot dealing with thefts from the cathedral, and as usual, with any good series, a chance to find out what the characters are up to. Alys is struggling to share a house with the dominating presence of her father’s new wife, Ealasaidh, and is determined to play a part in any detecting. There is a new house to get used to and new staff as life moves on for the family. I didn’t guess it all, but felt that I had enjoyed a well-rounded experience by the end of the book akin to a really good meal of several courses.

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